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Alyssa Nicoll

I am a Sr. Developer Advocate for Kendo UI and a Google Developer Expert for Angular. I have recently sparked a love for all things .NET and am sharing my learning journey on my weekly stream 'JS Girl in a .NET World'. Come hang out with me on!!

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Deborah Kurata

I enjoy problem solving and teaching, especially explaining complex concepts to beginners. I've leveraged those passions to become a software developer, speaker and Pluralsight author with a focus on C# and Angular. I am a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and a Google Developer Expert (GDE).

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Gosia Borzecka

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Irina Dominte (Scurtu)

I am a Software Architect Microsoft MVP, consultant and mom.

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Jonah Andersson

I am a Microsoft MVP for Azure, Software Engineer, Certified Azure Developer, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Tech Mentor, Public Speaker, Author, Blogger. Genuine, Humble, Brave, Sincere. Love Learning!

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Katie Savage

Program Manager on .NET at Microsoft. I'm still in the process of learning all things C# and .NET!

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Katy Ashby

Senior software engineer | 4+ years experience | C# and .NET

CSharp Speaking - virtual Speaking - in person Azure TypeScript Microservices

Kendra Havens

Program Manager on .NET and Visual Studio at Microsoft.


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