Jonah Andersson

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About me

Microsoft MVP , Software Engineer, Azure Developer, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Speaker, Mentor, Author

I love programming and I code fullstack development in C# .NET. I like the challeng of solving complex problems, programming back-end because I enjoy using my mind to find out and dig deeper into the invisible logic behind a botton. I have great interest in developing applications in .NET with Microsoft Azure cloud technologies especially on my spare time.

I like continuous learning and development with Microsoft Azure and I passionately share my technical knowledge to others publicly and even at my workplace. You will also find me making difference by advocating tech, gender equality, diversity and inclusion. A role-model and a mentor to some young women in Sweden and internationally.

I am the founder and organizer of Azure User Group Sundsvall - Sweden,

Also blog a lot about Azure and my tech communities engagements on my website